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Paul Young-Suk Lee

I’m a nerd that likes to write and teach code. Working @lyft as a Software Engineer. Likes include too much yak shaving, too much coffee, and 8 hours of sleep.

How to Write Hello World Function in Apps Script

I love automating things. And one thing I’ve really been into recently is Apps Script by Google, automating a lot of my Google Workspace workflows. Google Apps Script is a tool that allows you to automate tasks in Google Workspace. As is tradition when learning a new programming language, in our case, Apps Script is…

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What is Apache Airflow?

What is it? I work on a system called Apache Airflow. Airflow is used as an orchestration system which means that it is a system that schedules and does work for you. The primary use cases of Apache Airflow are ETL e.g. extracting data from someplace, transforming it in some way, then loading it (moving)…

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How to get the current date in SwiftUI for views

In SwiftUI there are two handy abstractions available to you to format dates for your views. DateDateFormatter You can think of Date as the data piece of it giving you information on the current year, month, time, timezone etc. while you can think of DateFormatter as the piece that will give you that data in…

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How to authenticate Google Requests with Stytch OAuth API

I recently came across this service called Stytch which allows for passwordless authentication solutions after reading about them raising a series B round. As any tech nerd, I’m always interested in these new services popping up. Turns out, you can do OAuth logins! What better way to get familiar with a service than by trying…

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How to create a calendar in SwiftUI with Grid Layout

So I’ve been building this productivity app because well, I’m a nerd and like doing things like that. In my pursuit I had to create a calendar view like the one above so a user can see how many days they’ve consecutively accomplished some task. In my pursuit I didn’t find any pure SwiftUI resources…

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How to authorize requests to Google Calendar API

Though I use Python here, the flow should generally be the same across all languages and APIs. You don’t have to be a Python or flask expert to understand this post as it’s more about the OAuth2 lifecycle with Google APIs but, I recommend having the docs open on flask and Python to understand some…

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How to animate Views in SwiftUI?

SwiftUI comes with an .animation modifier that can be applied to any View that conforms to the Animatable property. This includes all Shape like Circle. You can use it by applying the .animation modifier to any of these views with the default being an ease in/ease out animation.

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